Choosing the Right Breast Implants


If you struggle with a poor body image because you are unhappy with the look of your breasts, breast augmentation offers many benefits. Breast implants can be an effective solution for many women who want to enhance their figures or restore the full, shapely breasts they had before age, weight fluctuations, and breastfeeding took their toll. We have helped many women achieve their ideal figures with breast augmentation surgery at our Barrington, IL, practice. If you’re wondering whether breast implants can produce the results you want, we’ll explain some of the benefits of augmentation in this blog post.

Are Breast Implants Right for Me?

Now may be a good time to make a positive change in your life and invest in yourself. If you lost a lot of weight over your lifetime or have gone through multiple pregnancies, you may be self-conscious about having deflated breasts. Women with low body confidence related to the look or shape of their breasts can benefit greatly from a breast augmentation procedure.

Dr. Burke can customize this procedure to help increase your breast size, restore fullness of the breasts, or simply create a more feminine silhouette. She may also recommend pairing implants with a breast lift to lift the breasts to a perkier position.

What Type of Breast Implants Are the Best?

There is no single best breast implant. Instead, the best implant is the one that helps you achieve your unique goals. You have many options for breast implants and can choose a style and size that will balance out your figure. Some of the choices you’ll make include:

Fill material: Implants are made with an outer silicone shell and filled with either sterile saline or silicone. Most women opt for silicone because they believe silicone offers more natural movement and feel.

Size: Breast implants are measured by the volume of filling (cc) rather than bra cup size. The average implant size ranges from 300 to 400 cc, but many sizes are available to suit your specific needs.

Profile: A breast implant’s profile relates to how far it projects from the torso. Generally, implants range from low profile (subtle projection) to ultra high/extra full (maximum projection). Moderate and moderate-plus implant profiles are usually the most popular.

The before-and-after pictures below show a patient’s results with 485 cc moderate profile implants:

At your consultation, we’ll talk more about the different types of breast implants available and recommend the options we believe will help you achieve the look you want. We’ll also share more breast augmentation before-and-after photos to give you an idea of what you can accomplish with your own breast implant procedure. We discuss different implants for different body types in a related blog post.

What Will My Breasts Look Like With Implants?

Visualizing how you will look with breast implants is an important part of the planning process. We use Vectra 3D Imaging so you can see your potential results and experiment with different sizes and profiles.

Benefits of Undergoing Breast Augmentation Surgery

Many women undergoing a breast augmentation procedure enjoy both physical and emotional benefits. Having larger and shapelier breasts often makes it easier to wear different styles of clothing with confidence. Getting breast implants could help you feel more confident about your appearance and when wearing form-fitting clothes that enhance your figure. Past patients report their procedure helped them feel more feminine and youthful. Others report an improvement in their overall well-being.

If you are ready for a positive change and you’re in the Schaumburg or Arlington Heights area, consider breast augmentation surgery. We are here to help you achieve all of your goals with a customized procedure.

Learn more about the breast augmentation procedure by requestion a consultation using our online form or calling us at (847) 382-4400 today!

Originally published April 2015. Updated February 2022.

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