Hello, Handsome: Nothing Wrong with Men Getting Facials!

Male model in knit sweater with hand on chin

There’s nothing worse than superficial “manliness.” You know the kind of “manliness” that conforms to some sort of macho ideals and comes with a checklist of dos and don’ts. I don’t know who came up with that description, but, to me personally, guys who are “too manly” to try new things because they don’t fit into some box, are sissies. Take, for example, facials. Some guys will learn to knit more readily than get a facial. Why does assisted face cleaning, accompanied by neck massage scare men that much?

There’s no denying that we all like to be around people who are happy, healthy and good-looking. I’m sure I will speak for most women when I say, “Guys, we will appreciate your glowing face and we won’t respect you any less.”

Now, strictly for the uninitiated, a sneak peek inside a typical facial appointment…

You’ll get to kick back in a comfortable chair and listen to relaxing music while your face is thoroughly cleaned with a refreshing cleaner. Your cosmetologist will then take a close look at your face to figure out which products will best suit your skin type and note problem areas. She may use an exfoliating product on your skin at that point. I promise – you haven’t lost your manhood, just some dead skin.

Next, your therapist will apply a mask to draw out the impurities and make your skin firmer and younger looking. Now comes the best part – a neck, scalp and arm massage. An integral part of most facial appointments, it is the massage that makes your wives come back for more. As your stress slowly melts away (and you melt into your chair), you may hear yourself snore (which I’m told is a compliment to the cosmetologist.)

Your therapist will then clean off the mask and apply a moisturizer to your face, followed by a deep facial massage. When you finally convince yourself to get out of the chair, you will feel clean, rested, less stressed and younger looking. Was that so bad? I bet not. For the purposes of full disclosure, I should add that the exact routine varies from therapist to therapist.

Real men are men enough to try things that many other guys have dubbed “for women only.” I am not talking about putting on lipstick and wearing a bikini, I am talking about treating your face the way it deserves to be treated. Do you shampoo and condition your hair and visit a barber when you need a haircut? Do you work out to keep your body healthy and lean? Don’t ignore your face! Get a facial… Leave your ego at the door and just try it. It’s like wearing a pink shirt for the first time.

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