How Can you Look Better with Just the Swipe of a Pen?

Plasma Pen before and after

We hear it all the time: I hate the way my eyes look but I do not want surgery, or can’t we just treat this one wrinkle that bothers me? Well now we absolutely can treat those pesky areas of the face, neck, and body with Fairy Godmother’s wrinkle blaster thanks to Plasma technology!

At the Med Spa at Renee Burke, MD in Barrington, IL, we offer Plasma Pen®, a revolutionary new device to help improve appearance with the swipe of a pen!

Plasma Pen® Revolutionary Wrinkle Treatment

FDA cleared Plasma Pen® is an exciting device that has been used in Europe for years and finally made its way to the United States. This “pen” combined with pioneering technique is designed to help repair and reverse the changes that happen to our skin as we age. This non-surgical treatment is the most advanced treatment to lift and tighten skin, vanish wrinkles, and even remove skin tags.

What is Plasma Pen® doing?

  • Contracting the surface skin tissue creating lifting and tightening
  • Rejuvenating the top layer of skin by making it shed old cells
  • Stimulating Collagen and Elastin production to strengthen, plump, inflate and lift
  • Delivering long lasting results (some people have seen 3+ years)
  • Reaching your goals with 7-10 days of Social Downtime and 3 months of continued improvement

Treatment Areas Include:

  • Upper and Lower Eyelids
  • Crows Feet
  • Around the Mouth
  • Forehead and Frown Lines
  • Neck
  • Jowls
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Knees
  • Hands

What to Expect During Your Treatment

Treatments are done in our office with one of our highly-trained medical aestheticians. Topical numbing cream is usually applied so there is very minimal pain during your treatment. You can expect to be with us for generally about an hour to an hour and half and we always make sure you are completely comfortable during your treatment!

This treatment is so amazing it is practically magic!

Our patients are seeing incredible results with Plasma Pen®. Schedule your own personal consultation or call (847) 382-4400 to learn more about the latest advancement in anti-aging.

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