How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost?

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For men and women experiencing hair loss, is it possible to put a price tag on the possibility of achieving a headful of thick, luscious locks? The answer is YES! NeoGraft® and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are safe, effective hair restoration treatments that can restore your hairline and self-confidence.

Investing in a thicker head of hair can reap many benefits for individuals who choose hair restoration. But we find that patients often have questions like how much does hair restoration cost and does health insurance cover hair restoration?

Being well-informed about the cost of your treatment can help alleviate any anxiety you may have about undergoing a cosmetic procedure such as a hair transplant. With this in mind, here are the key things you should know about paying for your treatment.

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What Happens During NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

During a NeoGraft treatment, individual hair follicles are taken from an inconspicuous area (usually the back of your head) and transplanted into thinning or balding areas. The NeoGraft device gently extracts the hair follicles, which helps minimize scarring. This method is considered the FUE (follicular unit extraction) approach. The FUT (follicular unit transplantation) approach uses a strip method, which is usually a quicker procedure but results in more scarring than FUE.

Factors That Affect NeoGraft Hair Transplant Cost

The average cost of a NeoGraft procedure is $8,822—but costs can vary widely for this treatment approach. Here are some key factors that impact hair restoration prices:

  • The extent of your procedure. Your provider must factor in the number of grafts necessary to achieve your desired results. The cost per graft is typically $4 to $12, multiplied by the total number of grafts needed for your NeoGraft treatment. The greater the treatment area, the more amount of grafts and time that is required by your provider.
  • Your provider’s experience level. Plastic surgeons with advanced training generally charge higher prices than general technicians. Because a procedure like NeoGraft requires a high level of skill and artistry, selecting a credentialed provider with extensive hair restoration experience is essential. Ask to see before and after hair transplant photos to ensure your provider can achieve noticeable yet natural-looking results.
  • Additional fees. Avoid surprises by remembering that extra fees may be associated with your hair transplant. These costs include local anesthesia, surgical supplies, pain medications, and recovery supplies. During your consultation, ensure your doctor shares a detailed estimate that provides a clear picture of your total costs.

NeoGraft vs. PRP Hair Restoration

In addition to hair transplants using NeoGraft, PRP is also a safe, effective hair restoration option. PRP uses properties from your own blood to stimulate the scalp to produce hair. As your body’s natural healing response is triggered, hair follicles renew, and hair density thickens. While there isn’t a “best” treatment for hair loss, we will determine which procedure you may be a better candidate for by exploring the cause and extent of your hair loss and your aesthetic goals. This blog post contains FAQs about NeoGraft vs PRP and each procedure’s benefits.

Does Health Insurance Cover Hair Restoration?

Like most elective cosmetic surgery procedures, health insurance does not cover hair restoration. However, our practice offers hair transplant and hair restoration financing options, such as Patient Fi, which gives you options to make flexible monthly patients. We also periodically offer hair restoration promotions and specials.

Is Hair Restoration for Women, Too?

Women also experience hair loss, especially due to stress and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and menopause. These factors can cause thinning hair or female pattern baldness. Certain autoimmune disorders are also associated with hair loss in women and men. During your consultation, we will assess your concerns and determine the best hair restoration solution to help you achieve your goals and regain your self-confidence.

Is Hair Restoration Worth the Cost?

Even though you must pay out-of-pocket for hair restoration, most patients find their results well worth the expense! Here are some reasons why hair restoration pays off:

  • Naturally thicker locks. While a hair transplant may not be as effective for patients who are fully bald or have severe thinning, other patients can expect to see a gradual and noticeable improvement in their hairline and crown areas.
  • Minimal scarring and downtime. NeoGraft patients can usually return to work and normal activities within a few days of their treatments, while PRP hair restoration also requires minimal recovery time. Unlike other harvesting techniques that can leave a linear scar, there should not be visible scarring—good news for patients who prefer short hairstyles!
  • Results are long-lasting. While you may immediately notice some thickening, results appear gradually and naturally. New hair growth from the transplanted follicles can take about 3 months, with full results taking 6 to 12 months. NeoGraft and PRP treatments do not cure hair loss, but results can last several months.

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