Non-Cosmetic Reasons Women Choose Labiaplasty


It can be daunting to openly discuss labiaplasty as it involves a woman’s most private of parts. However, for many women, the labia is a source of discomfort. While it is common to focus on the aesthetic and cosmetic benefits of this procedure, labiaplasty also proves to be a functional and necessary surgery for many of our Barrington plastic surgery patients.

Physical Discomfort

An enlarged or extended labia can dramatically interfere with a woman’s ability to go about her daily routine—often causing a woman to experience pain and discomfort. Exercise can prove uncomfortable and hinder a woman’s ability to participate in exercises such as running, yoga, or bicycling. Even certain positions, such as crossing ones legs, may be uncomfortable for women with excessive tissue. An extended labia can also be difficult to keep clean. With excess tissue present, bacteria is able to harbor within the folds of the skin. As the excess tissue is no longer present after labiaplasty, a woman is free to enjoy a normal, uninhibited life.

Emotional Discomfort

Along with the physical discomfort, an extended labia can be emotionally troubling. Self-conscious of their appearance, woman may limit activities in which it would be possible for the labia to show. This includes wearing form fitting clothing, braving a swim suit, and engaging in sexual activity. When it comes to emotional discomfort, many of Dr. Burke’s patients find labiaplasty empowering. You can see how reducing the size of the labia can help women feel more comfortable in their bodies by viewing some of our patients’ before-and-after pictures.

Sexual Discomfort

For a woman with a larger labia, sexual encounters prove to be both physically and emotionally difficult.  Physically, intercourse can be especially painful as it can lead to chafing, tearing, rashes, and bleeding. Emotionally, a woman may lack self-confidence and is hesitant when naked. For many, this causes them to limit their engagement in sexual activities.

Your Labiaplasty with Dr. Burke

As a woman, Dr. Burke not only understands the sensitivity of labiaplasty but also the important role it can play in improving a woman’s life. At the office of Renee Burke, MD, we take special efforts to make your labiaplasty experience as discreet and comfortable as possible. Ultimately, our goal is to help you feel more confident.

We are excited to work with you. If you are considering a labiaplasty and want to talk with a plastic surgeon who helps women from Arlington Heights, St. Charles, IL, and beyond, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Burke.

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