Reverse the Effects of Aging with a Facelift

Older female model smiling

If you’re kicking off the new year by investing in yourself with a new workout program, making some healthy lifestyle changes, or you just want to undergo a mini makeover, consider the benefits of facelift surgery to enhance your look. Many men and women are bothered by common signs of aging, such as sagging skin and loose jowls. These problems are difficult to correct with non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments and will only get worse over time. We can reverse the effects of aging so you look and feel younger in just a few short months.Here are some reasons why getting a facelift may be one of the best investments you can make this year:

Removes Excess Skin

Loose and sagging skin around the eyes, mouth, and neck can be very difficult to hide with makeup. Non-invasive skin tightening treatments around these delicate areas may not be enough to lift and tighten the skin, so surgery may be your only option. Facelift surgery will target these tissues by removing excess skin and repositioning the tissues to create a sculpted and contoured look.

Eliminates Loose Jowls

Loose and sagging jowls along your jawline may be making you look much older than your real age. Many people develop loose jowls because of genetics, and these fatty deposits typically do not go away on their own — even when you lose weight. A facelift can be very effective for eliminating loose jowls and creating a youthful appearance around the jaw area.

Erases Creases

Many people develop deep creases around the mouth, base of the nose, and other areas where the skin has lost significant elasticity. Facelift surgery can erase some of these creases by pulling and stretching the skin to give you a more rejuvenated look. If you have significant loss of skin elasticity and notice that deep lines are becoming more pronounced as you get older, facelift surgery may be the best way to restore your youthful look.We can reverse many of the effects of aging with facelift surgery. Dr. Burke will customize a treatment plan to restore your youthful appearance with long-lasting results. Schedule your facelift consultation today.

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