Younger Looking Hands are Possible with Radiesse®


There is an old saying that if you want to know a woman’s true age, look at her hands. Once a telltale sign, thanks to the latest to advances in cosmetic treatments, the hands are no longer a reliable judge of age. In the past year, Radiesse® became the first injectable treatment to receive FDA approval for use in the hands.

Why Do Our Hands Age?

Often overlooked, we tend to neglect our hands, instead, focusing our attention on our face, neck, and décolletage. Yet, our hands age in a similar fashion as to these other delicate areas. With thin skin that is constantly exposed to the sun’s damaging UV rays, the hands are susceptible to wrinkles, slackening skin, and areas of indentation.

How Does Radiesse for the Hands Work?

When injected into the back of the hand, Radiesse replenishes volume that has been lost over the years. Lasting for upwards of one year—Radiesse gives your hands a more youthful appearance as well as touting a natural look and feel. Used in the same fashion as it is in the face, Radiesse’s calcium-based microspheres form a sort of scaffolding to give the skin immediate support and volume, as well as simultaneously stimulating the growth of the skin’s own collagen. Making it ideal for hiding veins, the solution itself is milky in color and opaque.

What Can You Expect from Your Radiesse for the Hands Treatment?

We start each Radiesse treatment by carefully marking the area of the hands where there are deficits.  Strategically placed, the Radiesse injections introduce a youthful suppleness to your hands. Once we have finished, we will ask you to ball your fist before we massage the treatment area to help evenly spread the Radiesse. We finish your treatment with NeoCutis® Bio-Cream to help protect the delicate skin on the back of your hands. Easy to inject, Radiesse has been specially designed to have minimal side-effects. You are left with “hands that look good now, and will look great in a week.”

We Understand that Aging Hands are a Worry for Many of Our Patients

Radiesse has long been a popular filler at our Barrington practice! Providing correction by restoring a youthful and natural appearing volume, Radiesse allows us to rejuvenate the hands without any serious or long term side effects. You can learn more about this wonderful, long-lasting filler by scheduling a consultation with Samantha.

Make sure to watch our video of Dr. Burke’s nurse practitioner, Samantha Cardenas, perform Radiesse in the hands!

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