Breast Augmentation With Lift 


As a female board-certified plastic surgeon and mother of two, Dr. Renee Burke intimately understands the changes women’s bodies can go through as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, and other lifestyle factors. For many people, however, the full, perky breasts they desire require more than breast implants alone. 

In these cases, Dr. Burke recommends a combined breast enhancement procedure to raise the breasts and restore volume. Patients seeking a breast augmentation with lift visit our Barrington, IL, plastic surgery practice from Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Crystal Lake, and Algonquin to get the beautiful contours they deserve. 

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Who Is a Good Candidate for a Breast Augmentation With Lift? 

Patients considering a breast lift with implants should be in good health, able to commit to the recovery period, and be at least 6 months post-partum or post-breastfeeding with no immediate plans to grow their family further. 

The ideal candidates for this procedure typically have multiple concerns that breast augmentation or a breast lift alone cannot resolve. In most cases, patients are looking to treat any combination of the following: 

  • Skin laxity 
  • Downturned nipples 
  • Breasts that sag below the inframammary fold 
  • Disproportionately sized areolae 
  • Volume loss in the upper pole of the breasts 
  • Breast asymmetry 
  • Small breasts 

Comparing Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, and Breast Augmentation With Lift 

 Breast AugmentationBreast LiftBreast Augmentation With Lift
What It AchievesIncreases breast size and fullnessLifts and shapes breasts without implants; addresses asymmetryLifts breasts and enhances their size and shape
Who Is a CandidateIdeal for women concerned about breast fullness and sizeBest for women concerned only with breast sagging and shapeIdeal for women who want to improve breast fullness, size, position, and laxity
Other BenefitsCorrects issues such as tubular breastsMay reposition the nipple/areolaMore complete breast enhancement, with the advantages of both augmentation and breast lift procedures
ScarringSmall, well-concealed scarLarger scar that fades with timeLarger scar that fades with time

Dr. Burke can help you decide which procedure is best for your needs during your personalized consultation. 

Your Breast Augmentation With Lift Consultation 

Your consultation is an unhurried, collaborative experience for you to ask questions, cover your medical history, get your measurements taken, and discuss your goals for the procedure. Dr. Burke will listen attentively and create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and anatomy. 

Dr. Renee M. Burke
Dr. Renee Burke

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Burke uses the latest techniques and technology to bring your vision to life. Her artistic eye and years of experience produce stunning results that enhance your natural beauty.

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What To Expect During Your Breast Augmentation With Lift 

Your augmentation mastopexy (as it is clinically known) will be performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. This means that you will be asleep and comfortable throughout your surgery and able to return home the same day. 

Depending on your degree of sagging, Dr. Burke will determine where and how many incisions she will need to make to achieve the desired amount of lift. She will explain your options during your consultation and how she will make them as inconspicuous as possible.  

Most women will require a circular incision around each areola (“donut incision”) and a vertical incision from the nipple to the inframammary fold (“lollipop incision”). If required, Dr. Burke may also make a horizontal incision along the breast crease to complete the “anchor” pattern. 

During your procedure, Dr. Burke removes excess skin and fat from the breasts, reshapes the remaining tissue for a firmer and more youthful appearance, and raises the breasts higher on the chest wall. To insert the breast implants, Dr. Burke specializes in a no-touch technique using the Keller Funnel™, creating beautiful results with the lowest risk of complications.  

Once your implants are in, Dr. Burke may use an “internal bra” such as GalaFLEX® to support the newly uplifted breast tissue and implant. She then closes your incisions, places surgical drains (if required), and applies dressings and a compression bra. 

Breast Augmentation With Lift Recovery and Results 

Shortly after your procedure, you should be able to go home under the care of a loved one. Dr. Burke will provide detailed postoperative instructions for your recovery and is reachable by phone or email if you have any questions. 

You can return to light activities within a day or two, but it’s a good idea to get help around the house as you recover. Most patients can return to work within 1 to 2 weeks and resume most activities by 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. Dr. Burke can advise you on the timeline for your specific case. 

Your breasts will be noticeably fuller and perkier right after surgery, and your results will only get better as bruising and swelling subside and your incision lines mature and fade. Results are long-lasting and can be enjoyed for many years with proper sun care, a healthy lifestyle, and a stable weight. 

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Can You Combine a Breast With Lift Implants and Other Procedures? 

Many patients pair their breast enhancement surgery with other procedures as part of a larger mommy makeover. Some of the most common procedures they add to their surgical plan include:

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