Different Implants for Different Body Types

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It is so exciting when you finally decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery. All the research and photos you have looked at online look amazing and you are excited to start planning for the next step. For most prospective breast augmentation patients at our Barrington, IL, office, they wonder what exactly the next step is. The first step would be to schedule a consultation with Dr. Burke. Here is just a small glimpse into what you should expect when you come in to discuss a breast augmentation surgery.

Selecting the Right Implant for You

When you come in to discuss a breast augmentation surgery the most important part is to find an implant that is the best fitting for your body. During your consultation, we will take three measurements of your breasts to help determine what implants will fit you the most appropriately and that will achieve your desired look.

In our practice, we offer our patients a wide variety of implants but the most popular are silicone round gel implants. With the round gel implants there are three distinct levels of gel cohesiveness. What does this mean to a patient? Well, it means we can pick the perfect size implant along with the perfect firmness of implant to give you the best cosmetic outcome.

Natrelle breast implant profile chart
  • The first level of cohesiveness is the least cohesive and is used for a small population of patients who require a specific type of implant to fill in their breast. This specific implant is used the least in our office but is a perfect fit for a woman that has a particular type of breast.
  • The second level of cohesiveness is called a “soft touch implant.” This is the most popular implant used in our office. This is perfect for the patient that has a good amount of their own breast tissue. It is very soft but will hold its shape over time.
  • The last implant option is the most cohesive implant. This is perfect for the patient who has minimal breast tissue present upon examination. This implant will fill in the whole breast pocket and maintain its shape with no rippling.

During your consultation, Dr. Burke will discuss your anatomy and the implants in detail so you can be assured you will leave feeling very comfortable with what implants are going to give you the best cosmetic look.

See Your Potential Results in 3D 

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Along with Dr. Burke’s expertise in selecting the best implant for you, we also use our Vectra 3D Imaging machine. The Vectra 3D Imaging system allows us to capture pictures of you and then simulate what a breast augmentation would look like on your body. This gives you the opportunity to view different implants in assorted sizes and projections on your body. The Vectra 3D Imaging system will help give you a very realistic view of what you can expect to look like after your surgery. Patients absolutely love this part of the consultation. When you leave the consultation, you will feel so confident in your implant selection.

We are excited to be a part of your journey and look forward to seeing you in our Barrington plastic surgery office! Request a consultation online or call us at (847) 250-9193.

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