Slim by Summer Part I: Liposuction


As we trade our heavy winter layers for lighter wear, it is not uncommon to find that winter has not been kind to our physiques. Spring is thus a very busy time at Dr. Burke’s Barrington practice as our patients seek out a way to slim down by summer. With the help of liposuction, patients can step out with confidence come summer.

Liposuction Targets Larger Areas of Fat Accumulation

Patients with more substantial areas of fat accumulation will have better results with liposuction. More aggressive, liposuction offers complete fat reduction as it is able to remove greater quantities of fat in one surgical session. Liposuction is able to address larger areas of fat like those that are often present on the back, chest (to treat gynecomastia in men), abdomen and stomach, as well as the arms and legs. Dr. Burke is also able to perform liposuction on smaller areas including the neck.

Liposuction Refines and Contours

When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Burke, liposuction has the potential to reshape the body. Utilizing a number of different cannulas in varying sizes, Dr. Burke is able to customize your procedure to best match your aesthetic goals. For women, this can mean creating a more defined waist and silhouette while men tend to request a more masculine chest and sculpted mid-section.

Liposuction Can Be Performed In-Part with Other Body Contouring Procedures

While liposuction is a wonderful stand alone procedure, many choose to enhance the results of another procedure with the addition of liposuction. Whether that be as part of a Mommy Makeover or to complement a tummy tuck, liposuction can easily be combined with other surgical body contouring procedures Dr. Burke performs.

Liposuction Yields Seemingly Immediate Results

Once the initial swelling goes down in the first week, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your figure. As your body continues to heal over the next few months, the benefits of liposuction will become increasingly apparent.

Don’t let your winter weight gain get you down. There is time to slim down by summer! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Burke to learn more about liposuction and its non-surgical alternative, CoolSculpting®.

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